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Alumni Associations Capacity Building Workshop 2015

Alumni Associations Capacity Building Workshop, Pretoria, South Africa :

23-24 February 2015

On 23-24 February, Australia Awards hosted a two-day Alumni Association Capacity Building Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, bringing together leaders of 20 associations, to increase their effectiveness and sustainability efforts in Africa. The associations offer a space for the exchange of expertise and ideas on development issues and play an important role in nurturing the partnership and links between Australia and Africa. Read more

Participants from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda briefly share what they learnt …



Kenya Alumni Association representatives : Leah Beryl Rosebellah Aywah - Office of the Attorney General & Department of Justice and Mahul Shah – Australian Education Consultants




Briefly describe your association
The Kenya Australia Alumni Association connects Australian Alumni so they can share their experiences, continue developing professionally and network.

What’s the most important lesson you learned at the workshop?
Continuous communication, staying connected with fellow alumni, ownership of our association



Tanzania Alumni Association representatives : Tertula Marandu Swai - Bivy Consult & Francis Apolinary Mhimbira - Ifakara Health Institute





Briefly describe your association
The Tanzania Australia Alumni Association is a platform for tapping on the relational resource of the brightest professionals contributing to national social-economic development.

What’s the most important lesson you learned at the workshop?
The idea behind Alumni Associations is to connect alumni from all over Africa, so that they can make a greater impact in their respective communities and promote Australia Awards to potential applicants.


Uganda Alumni Association representatives : Aggrey Kagonyera – MTN Uganda & Helen Gloria Nanteza Kawesa - Parliament of Uganda




Briefly describe your association
The A3U is the leading alumni association which brings together Ugandans who have studied in Australia to impact positively on our community.

What’s the most important lesson you learned at the workshop?
All associations are struggling to recruit members – we learnt various strategies presented by different participants on how to recruit and retain members