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Department of Home Affairs Processing Times

Global visa and citizenship processing times


The Department of Home Affairs is continually looking to improve client information and processing arrangements. 

Global processing times for visa and citizenship services are available here.

Two processing times will be displayed, indicating how long it takes to finalise 75%  and 90% of all applications submitted globally. Processing times are indicative and not all cases are finalised within these timeframes.

Processing times apply from the date your complete application is lodged.

You can use the Visa Finder to compare processing times for up to three different products.

Please note that applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and that actual processing times may vary due to individual circumstances including:

  • Whether the applicant has lodged a complete application including all necessary supporting documents
  • How promptly the applicant responds to any requests for additional information
  • How long it takes to perform required checks
  • How long it takes to receive additional information from external parties, particularly in relation to health, character, national security, and Assurance of Support requirements
  • The number of places available in the migration program (for permanent migration visas)
  • Surges in demand and peak periods

To ensure your application falls within the published processing times, we strongly encourage you to submit complete applications well in advance of your intended travel date. The checklists provided on ImmiAccount will assist in making sure you have included all required documents during the application process.